Pastor License Information

If you are interested in obtaining credentials in the North Central District, the following steps / forms are required.

1. Download the following documents:

  • Ministerial License Application:  pdf   or   Word
  • Ministerial License Application in Spanish:  pdf   or   Word
  • Spouse Application:  pdf   or   Word
  • Spouse Application in Spanish:  pdf   or   Word
  • Disclosure to Employment Form: pdf
  • Background/Credit Check Procedure: pdf
  • Credit Disclosure Form: pdf
  • Reference Form (4): pdf   or   Word

2. Submit all completed and signed documents, a current photo (jpeg if emailing), along with $64 to cover the Credit

    Disclosure, to the MCNCD (see address below).

3. Request that official transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate institutions attended be forwarded to the


After receiving all components of the Application, the MCNCD will:

  • Check references
  • Schedule an interview with the Committee on Credentials
  • Contact applicant with the results of interview and to communicate any additional steps, if needed

See Education Requirements HERE.