West Africa

The North Central District was partnered with the international region of West Africa by World Partners in 2010.  Since that time, we have worked to form and strengthen many relationships between MCNCD churches and missionaries and local ministries in Guinea, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Nigeria, and Liberia.  We continue to look for new avenues and opportunities to tie our congregations to the efforts to further the gospel in this region. 

To see the timeline of events, you can download the chart:  

Peter Paye

CEO of Healthy Nation (Liberia/Atlanta)

For more information on Peter's work, visit ther website: 

Ezekiel Ango

Ezekiel is a Regional Strategy Coordinator for World Partners in West Africa. He also is the director of a non-government organization serving the development needs of a community in Northwest Nigeria. Ezekiel was formerly the mission director for the Missionary Church in Nigeria.

Additional West Africa Partners

Additional partners in West Africa at this time include:

  • Jim and Dawn Anderson: World Partners Missionaries (Guinea)
  • Bruce and Dawn Cluckie: World Partners Missionaries (Guinea)
  • David and Diane Bjork: World Partners Missionaries (Cameroon)
  • Janet Nickel: World Partners Missionary (Sierra Leone)
  • Jeremy and Mindie Tice: World Partners Missionaries (Senegal)